June 1–3, 2018
September 21–23, 2018


In order to know what truly fulfills you,
you need to discover the true you, the authentic you.

What do you receive from participating in Discover the Authentic You?

  • Raise your personal vibration by raising your consciousness
  • Discover your own answers to life’s questions
  • Experience emotional healing
  • Bring awareness and understanding to life’s mysteries
  • Learn tools for transformation
  • Cultivate more joy, fulfillment, peace, and love into your life
  • Discovering and aligning with your soul’s purpose
  • Restore with sacred quality time for yourself
  • Experience self-love and strengthen the relationship with yourself
  • Identify and remove blind spots that are holding you back

Strengthen your relationship with yourself.

Why Discover the Authentic You?

Making the world a better place starts within each of us. All workshops, events, and materials for Discover the Authentic You are created with the intention of supporting you in…

  • Acknowledge yourself as a Divine Being – Your Authentic Self
  • Gain a deeper understanding of your personal power
  • Understand the power in the words you use and thoughts you choose
  • View your life from the Soul’s perspective
  • Deepen the relationship between yourself and your inner guidance system
  • Discover the keys to aliveness
  • Learn how birthing the Authentic You is connected to your life’s purpose