Praise for Discover the Authentic You - Life coaching workshop with Donna Bond M.A. Professional Life Coach, Business Coaching, Consulting, Spiritual Psychology, Speaker

What people are saying about the Journey to Self Love with Donna Bond

“Magical. Transforming. One of a kind.“
— Olga Peddie

CDO Cendyn

“A spiritual and practical weekend of transformation through understanding, education, practical tools and love.“
— Dr. Heidi Zappone

Founder DARE`alla LUCE,

“My heart is so expansively full! This weekend was the perfect combination of wholeness, living your authentic truth, immense support, diving deep, stepping into my vulnerability to discover the immense glow of my light! It’s a weekend to connect with oneself, like-minded beautiful women all to unite and delight in super luscious accommodation and soul nourishing food. This weekend is for those on the journey wanting to gain deeper insight and tools into living life with magic and purpose.“
— Ashley Strong Smith

“Beautiful. Enlightening. Purposeful. This has been amazing. I can’t wait to use these tools in my life. This experience deepened my spiritual connection, introduced me to some of the most amazing women I’ve ever met and taught me to embrace who I am and where I am going.”
— Lexi Schaible

“I actually got more than I could have expected! Loving, gracious female bonding, depth and compassion from all. Discoveries of stories of incredible bravery to follow our authentic path. I experienced a beautiful cocoon of safety and emerged a butterfly, ready to take on life with anticipation and tools for a lifetime of personal discovery. It’s a gift of love and support to myself to treat my soul and body with honor and respect. I got to experience living in the light of my own beauty and witnessed the beauty of others.”
— Lesli Bonanni

“I attended Donna Bond’s first Authentic You Retreat while in a very transitional place with work and residence. Been there, done that was my attitude. Not only with the transition itself, but my approach as well – I’d read a lot of books from many of the best like Wayne Dyer and Pema Chodron. I’d taken courses and explored philosophy so I am no neophyte in the area of personal exploration.

“What was so different about Donna’s approach is that it is much more personal. The setting was so lovely – I felt veiled in good spirit. The food and drink were nourishing and delicious. She made each one of us feel special and comfortable so that we would be open to taking new ideas in – and it worked!

“Her gift is her ability to distill some of the best ideas about life and Being from many masters into something organized and approachable for use in daily life. I loved it! It was like a grand re-cap of spiritual philosophy.”

— MaryGrace McCaffrey

Human explorer, Student of Ontology, Daughter, Sister, Friend to many, Runner, Hiker, Cyclist, Hospitality darling, VP Sales and Marketing

“This is an experience I wish everyone could have. To learn how to love yourself and re-align your way of believing in every aspect of your life in such a positive manner is mind-blowing.”
— Kelly Schaible

Mom of Five

“I loved the partnering exercises and the safe environment. Very intimate and loving group of women. Donna’s ability to hold space is amazing and brought transformation to every participant. I highly recommend this retreat.”
— Lesa Montanga

Spiritual Catalyst, Intuitive Energetics

“I would not be able to describe the enormity this has offered to me except to share that if anyone who is reading this feels the call within to come be a part of this retreat in the slightest way, to trust your soul has called you forward to embark on discovering the real part of who you are. It is asking you to unveil your ego from your authentic soul’s existence so that you can know the loving power you truly are. Trust the calling, trust the process, trust that this retreat is being divinely brought before you for a bigger purpose. It’s answering the call you are feeling within. Donna has a gift of calling us forward to hear the wisdom we have to receive. She is pure authentic love and a soul who is committed to holding such loving energy and space as we unfold in the space she designed from her highest soul’s purpose. I cannot thank her enough for stepping into her authentic self and creating this journey for all of us to receive the same opportunity with her loving support.”
— Becky Cortese

National Geographic

“The minute I walked into Donna’s front room for her workshop, I had the most incredible feeling wash over me – the feeling of truly knowing in my cells that anything and everything is possible. She wasn’t trying to persuade me of it. I simply knew in her presence and in her magic that it was So, and I don’t think I stopped smiling the whole day. And while this isn’t only about money, I feel compelled to share that I walked in that day with $5 in my bank account. Two years later and a now six figure thriving business doing what I love, I can tell you she was right. But the most beautiful part isn’t simply the real world effects – it’s the profound feeling of Yesness in her Presence. It is the most calming, inspiring feeling in the world when she gently reminds you of how the Universe works and what you can receive in this lifetime. Run don’t walk to any workshop Donna Bond hosts. She is the real deal, and serious magic gets made in her home. I am forever grateful.”
— Nicola Behrman


“Feeling lost, tired, angry, unhappy, hating life then it’s time you discover self-love. This experience opened my eyes and heart to find my true self and discover the meaning of spirituality and the possibilities of the universe.”
— Sherrie Carlisle

Dir of Human Resources Hotel Del Coronado

“Truly Remarkable – The right exercises to get to the reality of each participant and help move them forward. Donna is a gifted teacher and Spiritual guide. The food and environment was perfect.”
— Robin Toft

Chairman & Founder, The Toft Group

“Friendships were made. It was everything and more than expected. The experience was so nurturing with the fabulous lodging and delicious food, I felt inspired and rejuvenated”
— Terri Wert

“This retreat is a comprehensive exploration of Spiritual law and how to apply them in your life. The experience is complete with heavenly surroundings and amazing food. You feel so connected, supported and pampered. Many of the things you taught, I know and even practice, but being here made me realize that I had forgotten how magical it all is.”
— Suri Schram

Suri Energy

“I consider myself pretty advanced in regard to Spirituality and understanding the core principles and teachings. I have always questioned my purpose and have always carried a knowing that there was a greater force within all of us. It is fascinating, once you start to pay attention, to see the guidance that is available to you, always. There are truly signs and synchronicities to help you navigate always, not just in times of uncertainty.

“I desperately wanted to go back to CA. Over a few weeks of thought, I had made up my mind to go, I just needed to figure out when, where, etc. I was on the phone with a friend, telling her I had decided to go to CA. I hung up with her, and within minutes, I had a text from Donna inviting me to the retreat… in CA!

“Although, I wasn’t sure that it was right for me, because I believed that I already knew everything that she could teach me. However, I was just going to trust it, given the means of how it all was brought forth. My life will be forever changed with the events that transpired over the weekend. Six strangers brought together that would walk away impacted. My life, what I saw, what was in that moment, has forever impacted me, so positively. I have grown tremendously because of this retreat and was able to witness Spirit at work.

“I was right, I did know a lot of what Donna was teaching, but what I didn’t know and the most important piece, was how to effectively apply it to myself. I think that is a struggle for most, and she has the talent and gifts to teach this. It doesn’t matter what point you are in your journey and you might not even be on a journey, but the gifts that Donna shows you and teaches you, is for everyone seeking to fill a void they can’t necessarily explain!

“I am forever changed and highly recommend Donna Bond to all!”

— Michelle Berube

Director Service Implementation