Discover the Authentic You and Develop a Deeper Connection to your Self a Life Coaching workshop facilitated by Donna Bond M.A. Professional Life Coach, Business Coaching, Consulting, Spiritual Psychology, Speaker

Loving Your Sweet Self

Are there parts of yourself or your life that feel out of balance? Do things look okay on the outside, but you feel like something is missing on the inside? Or, are you caught in a loop… as if you’re just on re-play?

If you feel unhappy and stuck or feel like what you would really love is impossible or if you’re not even sure what you genuinely want in life, you have just turned an important corner.

Maybe things looked good on the surface before the world changed and now you are sure you want to feel more alive, you want to experience more purpose and meaning in your life. You just want to be happy – deep inside yourself, regardless of how crazy the world gets.   

When things look “good” on the outside it can be really hard to admit that things feel “off” on the inside. Perhaps that is why this global pandemic has occurred. To invite us all to take a deeper look. 

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Deep inside many women know they’re longing for something more…something deeper….something real.

  • A career that makes them feel like they are making a difference in the world
  • A relationship that reflects true partnership in which they feel connected, supported and loved
  • More energy, aliveness, and enthusiasm for life
  • Less self-judgement and more self-acceptance
  • More self-trust, self-compassion and self-love
  • A confidence that emanates a sense of authentic empowerment
  • An inner resilience regardless of what is happening “out there” in the world
  • An inner brilliance that naturally radiates outward and attracts amazing people, situations and opportunities

… but something they can’t put their finger on holds them back. And they’re unsure exactly what it is, which makes it hard to know how to find it.

If any of this resonates with you, I want to ask you something:

What if you could stop all the “doing” and learn a new way to Be? What if you could discover what really matters to you, figure out what makes you feel most alive and start trusting yourself at the deepest level? What if you’re able to learn self-honoring practices to begin accepting all the parts of yourself and your life? What if you could meet yourself with love and really begin honoring your sweet self?

Maybe right now you’re…

Wishing you knew how to relate to yourself with more love and compassionate, knowing if you treated other people the way you treat yourself, you wouldn’t have anybody in your life.

Mentally aware of what you “should” be doing but have yet to experience true and lasting change from all the work you’ve done and the tools you’ve learned.

Wanting to feel less stress and anxiety and stop reacting to situations and circumstances in your life.

In a career you don’t really love, and deep down you know it’s not your path, but you can’t imagine it’s even possible to make a change at this stage.

At your wits end for a lasting resolution to chronic mental and emotional stress and deep feelings of discontent and dis-ease.

Craving deeper connections with like-minded women who totally “get” you and are into the same things you love, like spirituality and personal development.

Women come to Discover the Authentic You to learn a new Way of Being that lets them discover what really matters in this short life and to express themselves in a way that makes them feel most alive. They learn to start trusting themselves at the deepest level. They begin accepting all the parts of their sweet selves and begin honoring, respecting and loving themselves and their life.

What if you stopped questioning yourself and your life and no longer lived according to everyone else’s plan?

Imagine living in a totally grounded state of complete inner knowing, self-trust, self-love and acceptance.
Close your eyes, take a deep breath and just tune into that.

Imagine feeling authentically empowered from the inside and truthfully fulfilled with yourself, your work in the world, your relationships, your body, and your connection to a higher power.

Imagine really trusting yourself through all the ebbs and flow of your human adventure.

How could that change your life? Could loving your sweet self be the secret to experiencing more love in your life and relationships? Could it lead to making a more meaningful difference in the world? Could it inspire you to start something you love after years of secretly dreaming about it? Create purposeful connected friendships? Experience a juicy, supportive love relationship? Embody balanced, healthy connections with your family members? What is it for you?

“A spiritual and practical weekend of transformation through understanding, education, practical tools and love.“
—Dr. Heidi Zappone

If you could love your sweet self a little bit more, perhaps you would…

  • Stop spending time doing things that don’t light you up and start pursuing the big dream you’ve been putting off.
  • Finally experience the meaningful relationships you’ve always wanted in your life.
  • Experience alignment between your inner truth and your outer experience.
  • Feel a sense of true freedom and aliveness between your head and your heart – alignment with mind, body and Soul.
  • Find clarity around your purpose and what really matters in your life.
  • Release exhaustion, self-doubt and negative thinking believing life is always against you.

If you’re finally ready to do things differently, I want to share something:

You CAN truly evolve your life, recognize you are not broken, get clarity around your purpose, and develop a self-honoring compassionate love for yourself and your life.

Yes, it’s possible to learn to relate to yourself differently, to discover a sense of feeling authentically empowered, reclaim your self-worth, your inner-trust and energetic vitality in a few days. I’ve experienced this myself, and so have my clients.

You too can let go of situations holding you back, learn life mastery tools for lasting change, and begin to love and accept all of you. You can acknowledge, honor and revere your wholeness.

Once you begin to relate to yourself in a new way – and to update old patterns with new Ways of Being: The partner, career, and relationships you’ve always wanted, appear in your life with synchronicity and grace. You begin to feel better than ever, physically, mentally, emotionally and Spiritually.

One of my great teachers, coach and mentor Dr. Robert Holden says,

“if something in your life is missing, it’s probably you”

—Dr. Robert Holden

This weekend is about YOU and YOU. Come discover your true self.

Your authentic self. See yourself through a new lens. Hear the whispers of your heart and the call of your Spirit.

If you’ve found your way to this page, I’m guessing you’ve done your fair share of personal growth work. I acknowledge you and your inner wisdom. And, I really hear that you’re not where you think you “should” be.

You might be wondering, why hasn’t it “worked”?! I’ve done years of therapy, taking lots of workshops, read tons of personal growth books, yet still, something is missing, and my life isn’t as rich feeling as it could be.  There must be something wrong with me. I’m exhausted and feel like I’m broken!

Deep down, maybe you’re afraid you’ll never experience your full potential, and you and life will always be just “okay” and “average” but never magical, meaningful, amazing and loving.

I see you. I see your wholeness.

I see your Light and your true essence and I know how much you want to express your true self with the world. I see the part of you that is made of Love. I know you feel let down by life. Like it’s all on you. That it’s not going according to plan. I can see the possibility for you. The potential to release the old patterns holding you back, so you can feel alive and begin living on purpose.

Hi, I’m Donna Bond and I was trapped in a life that looked all perfect on the outside but on the inside, I was dying.

I stayed in a career I did not love because I believed it wasn’t possible to do anything else. I was out of balance for so long the inner mis-alignment manifested as a breast cancer diagnosis.

It was through the journey of learning to related to myself in a different way – to love my sweet self, that I realized wasn’t something I ever considered before. I also discovered, it is the missing ingredient to all of the things I wanted to experience in my life.

Today, I am a catalyst for personal transformation my mission is to ignite your light, revealing your inner-wisdom to empower your highest self on your human adventure. It is my joy to help my clients see their wholeness and love their sweet selves.

Each retreat I lead, I am always humbled by the profound growth everyone experiences and the transformative power of a sacred container of love.

If you’re ready to see yourself in a new light, to let go of old identities and old patterns, to emerge with a new level of confidence and a deep level of inner knowing, consider coming. If you’re ready to meet yourself with love and honor your sweet self, come.

You are worth it.

With Love and Light,

During our weekend together you will…

  • Let go of the “doing” and discover new Ways of Being
  • Strengthen the trust in yourself and your higher power
  • Identify patterns that prevent you from getting what you want
  • Gain clarity on your life direction, and what really matters to you.
  • Become less critical and judgmental of yourself and others.
  • Connect and share with other women in a loving, safe and confidential space.
  • Relax into guided processes and be deeply heard and feel truly seen.
  • Move into a deep level of compassion and loving acceptance for all the parts of your sweet self.
  • Get personal coaching from Donna while being supported by like-minded women.
  • Learn self-honoring practices that include your human self and your higher self.

Benefits of Discover the Authentic You

Acknowledgement and appreciation for all of your humanness and your essential nature. The part of you navigating this life and the part that exists beyond the conditioned patterning of your ego and personality.

Moving into acceptance and living in peace. Seeing yourself and all of life as One – despite religion, race, culture, background, gender, social status or any other perceived difference.

The ability to make deep, authentic connection with yourself and others.

The capacity to be present, feel your emotions and make peace with your shadow aspects.

A natural confidence and inner trust that you can meet life’s challenges, choose actions that are empowering, and create the life that you long for.

An increase in your enthusiasm for life and discovery of your true gifts, resulting in an innate capacity to live with joy, in ease and dignity.

Beautiful. Enlightening. Purposeful. This has been amazing. I can’t wait to use these tools in my life. This experience deepened my spiritual connection, introduced me to some of the most amazing women I’ve ever met and taught me to embrace who I am and where I am going.

—Lexi Schaible

Here’s what you can expect from the weekend. Click here for the schedule.